Ephemerisle: Burning Man on Water in Sacramento River Delta

Price: $54 per person per night Spots available: 3 Dates: July 22 — 29, 2019
Posted by Jane Dinh

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John Doe

Los Angeles, CA

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Seattle, WA


Ephemerisle is an annual floating celebration of community, learning, art and seasteading.

We construct a floating city on the Sacramento River Delta and live on it for five days. Ephemerisle has elements of Burning Man in the early 1990s: a new adventure into an alien environment, with discoveries, adventures, and mishaps along the way.

There are no tickets, no central organizers, and no rangers to keep you safe.


Seasteading seeks to move human communities out into the vast expanse of our planet covered in water. Ephemerisle gives an introduction into the physical challenges of being water and learning ways to deal with them. It also provides for small scale experimentation in differing forms of governance.


A society without art has no soul. We need to have art, beauty, and creativity in our lives.


We thrive off of sharing knowledge and learning from one another. “Memocracy” micro-talks have been a core of the event. Ephemerislers are now teaching clinics in anchoring and other boating skills. Learning by doing is also key.


Ephemerisle is an event that doesn’t happen unless we build it together. Everyone should be contributing.

We're booking tent spots for 4 people, and may be able to expand to accommodate more people if needed. Come for the entire experience, or just for a few days.

Price is $375 per person for tent accommodation for the entire week.

Included in the Cost

  • Accommodation: Shared room with a shared bed

Trip info

Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California 94571, USA
Accommodation: Tents
Number of spots available: 3
Parties & Festivals, Events, Arts, Wellness, & Spiritual Retreats, Adventure, Personal Development

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San Francisco, California
Lund University, Sweden
Co-Founder @ The Jetters


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