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San Francisco, California

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Quirky, bubbly, like a real like anime character. I know and love off-the-beaten paths as much as the simple comforts of being at home, my happy place. I use Jetters to meet amazing people, to inspire and be inspired. I love creating through photography. Ever since getting my first camera ~8 years ago, I've become increasingly curious about mindfulness and appreciating the beauty in the ordinary. I also find it a great way to create "anchors" into memories. Other hobbies include: improvisational comedy, scuba diving, hosting dinner parties, interior design, playing with my puppy


San Francisco, California
Lund University, Sweden
Co-Founder @ The Jetters

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Patagonia Eclipse 2020: Caravanning from N. America to Patagonia

Dates: December 10-16, 2020 Host: Troy Daniel Ozuna Any nomads and vagabonds plan on driving from the US to Patagonia for the Symbiosis Patagonia 2020 Eclipse festival?? I'll be starting in the early months of 2020 if anyone would like to organize a caravan with me to share the costs of the Panama crossing! (yes this is an insane journey and it requires shipping your ride of choice from Panama to Colombia) *Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Symbiosis. About the event - Symbiosis Patagonia 2020 Eclipse: Symbiosis Patagonia 2020 Eclipse gathering will take place in December 2020 in Neuquen, Argentina at a beautiful site with wide open skies, lush vegetation, and water features that will be perfect for a cosmic celebration. The gathering site is an easily accessible 150 hectares with over 5km of the Catan Lil River frontage, flat camping, and an epic climate of warm days and cool nights encircled by beautiful landscapes of mountain ranges, rock outcroppings, and rolling hills.

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